Office Relocation & Office Shutdown

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Testimonies from our clients

“Local company with great service. We used them to shred our papers and recycle our equipment. I called them on Friday and they were there on Monday morning .”

Sam Johnson, Law Firm
Fairfax, VA

“We needed a way of administrating, managing and tracking the recycling of legacy IT equipment, one that provided complete assurance that our data-bearing devices and licensed software couldn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

Andrew Lakewood,
Federal Contractor

“Atlantic Shredding was great. They arrived early and moved all of our old equipment in a few hours on both floors. Very affordable and friendly. We highly recommend them ”

Jessica, Federal Contracting
Company Arlington, VA

Office Relocation & Shutdown Service

Atlantic Shredding & E-recycling Services assist with relocating furniture including server room and data centers including generators, batteries, server racks, switchgear, ups equipment, raised flooring, network cables and transformers.

For offices shutting down we handle the entire cycle by providing on-site paper shredding and hard drives, dismantling server rooms, and e-waste recycling all electronics.

Relocation & Shutdown Services Include:

lady reviewing Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Benefits of Our Services


All office relocation and shutdown services are white glove so you can focus on your business operations. If you are downgrading, moving to the cloud, or need to dispose of retired assets, Atlantic Shredding & E-recycling Services can help you with downsizing, targeted demolition, and asset recovery.


All office relocation and shutdown projects focus on the security of proprietary information and data. All storage devices are secured and destroyed by authorized staff.


Mainframes, servers, and generators require special attention and equipment for proper removal and relocation. Atlantic Shredding & E-recycling Services can ensure your furniture and equipment is safely transported from to its final location.

Our Relocation & Shutdown Process

Initial Discovery Call:

A call to discuss your organizations challenges and ensure both sides are aware of SOW (scope of work), timelines and point of contacts available. In addition, we setup status calls and project status reports.

Site Visit:

Atlantic Shredding and E-recycling Services comes to your location and schedules a walk though with your team. During this time, we take pictures, ask questions, and start strategizing about your office relocation or office shutdown.

Quote & Offer:

Atlantic Shredding and E-recycling Services provides a proposal with everything that was discussed during the initial discovery call and site visit for your approval. Finance is also laid out and broken up into phases as the project goes along.


Once a start date has been confirmed, Atlantic Shredding and E-recycling Services will acquire all lifting equipment, permits, cranes, rigging, machinery, and all logistical elements needed to complete the project in a timely manner. Our teams work through holidays to ensure your project is completed onsite and within budget.

Asset Removal and Destruction:

From furniture to mainframes, our teams properly label and inventory all assets to ensure proper destruction or recycling.

Final Clean-Up & Walk-Through:

When all assets are packed and removed from the site all designated rooms will be fully recovered back to their original state and an Atlantic Shredding and E-recycling Services representative will conduct a final walk-through to ensure the entire scope of work has been completed.

Interested in our service?

Atlantic shredding and destruction service helps you destroy and recycle or repurpose various IT equipment types with secure, reliable, environmentally compliant services. By leveraging our logistics with rigorous secure chain-of-custody processes, you reduce the risk of data being lost or stolen. We provide service in North Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. 

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