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Atlantic Shredding is proud to offer unparalleled paper shredding and e-recycling services to customers in Arlington, VA. We understand the importance of security when it comes to destroying confidential documents and data, so we take extra precautions when handling sensitive materials. Our team has been trained in secure destruction techniques for paper documents, hard drives, and other electronic media.

At Atlantic Shredding, we strive to provide our customers with a reliable service that meets their needs for secure information destruction and recycling. Our staff is experienced in providing high quality shredding and recycling services that are both efficient and affordable. In addition to our professional on-site document destruction services, we also provide residential pick-up services throughout Arlington County as well as offsite shredding. Whether you need to securely destroy a large volume of paperwork or safely discard old electronics, Atlantic Shredding can help!

We are fast, reliable, and efficient when it comes to shredding. Our resources, workforce, and technology can handle any number of documents. We also have a variety of paper shredding services to cater to residential and commercial entities.

Our Services

We form strategic partnerships with our clients to ensure they destroy their sensitive paper waste on time.

One-Time Purge

Do you need to shred all your sensitive information? Our one-time paper shredding service enables Arlington, VA residents and companies to destroy their accumulating documents at once. Call us to your premise or house for on-site shredding or allow us to pick up, transport, and shred paper junk for you.

We guarantee maximum security on all our operations. Therefore, there is an assurance of safety and confidentiality for whichever direction you choose. We will help you declutter your office or home, or clear your warehouse storage.

Next-Day Pick Ups

Our clients schedule pickups the previous day before 2 pm for a seamless shredding process. When you call us, we strategies on logistics to maintain security and streamline operations. We achieve swiftness and thoroughness by collaborating with our clients and planning.

Routine Shredding Services

We also provide services for individuals and businesses requiring ongoing shredding. Our standard schedule is either weekly or monthly. We can also customize the program to suit your business needs.

● We provide storage bins or consoles with latches for pre-storage to enhance security before shredding.
● We can destroy the unwanted clutter on-site or on our business premises.
● Our team of experts shows up on time to pick up or shred your documents at the stipulated time.

Residential Paper Shredding Services

Bills, medical records, tax documents, and personal files contain confidential information. Therefore, identity thieves always this data. We can help you securely destroy this sensitive information.

You do not have to come to us to get these personal documents destroyed. We will come to you. All you have to do is call us and request our services. We provide one-time and ongoing residential paper shredding services for homes in Arlington, VA.

When you call us,

  • We make an official visit to analyze your paper load situation.
  • We come with a shredding truck capable of shattering paper clips, pins, staples, and other paper binding items for on-site shredding.
  • We get rid of the shredding waste for recycling and secure disposal.
  • We also provide a guide on safety storage practices at home.

Offsite Document Shredding Services

Do you have over 200 lbs. of documents needing shredding? Our offsite shredding services are suitable for you. Our office in Arlington, VA, eliminates the need to transport documentation over long distances. Our proximity to your business and residential home also adds to the security of your documents.

We have the equipment to collect, transport, and destroy large data volumes. With us, there is no upper limit. Whether you have a truckload of data or an entire warehouse, we can safely dispose of the waste for you. We will send you a certificate once we are through with the destruction.

Our offsite shredding services include

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly scheduled shredding
  • One-time shredding services
  • Pickup services
  • Ongoing one-time paper shredding services

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Hard drives are a high-risk value when it comes to data storage. The gadget contains personal information, financial statements, taxation reports, salary details, and private business data. It is also portable. Identity thieves look for such items for access convenience.

Destroying hard drives containing data is the safest way of protecting private and sensitive information. We have the equipment and technology to decimate storage devices without security breaches. We ensure there are no data leaks during the shredding process.

We Value Your Security

We go over and beyond to secure your data and enhance information privacy. Our operations comply with ethical standards required for shredding companies.

  • We track all our operations in a strict chain-of-custody procedure.
  • Our tools and equipment adhere to all Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology prerequisites.
  • We prohibit unauthorized individuals from accessing your information.
  • We also seal bins containing your data and permit only authorized personnel to open latches.

We Uphold Sustainable Practice

We are a part of Arlington’s community. Therefore, our mandate is to care for our stakeholders and the environment. Therefore we,

  • We recycle all our waste to conserve our surroundings. Paper waste contributes to filling dump sites and deforestation. Thus, our waste-free approach prevents both destructive processes.
  • We also comply with disposal regulations. We have over 20 years of experience handling technology hardware waste. Therefore, you can trust our processes.
  • We partner with local companies and national corporations to recycle e-waste and manage end-of-life electronics.

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We have designed our paper shredding services for the benefit of the community in Arlington, VA. By contributing to their paper waste management, we add value to individuals and corporations. Kindly don’t hesitate to contact us today at 703 988 7052 to place your quote.

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Paper Shredding Services in

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Testimonies from our clients

“Local company with great service. We used them to shred our papers and recycle our equipment. I called them on Friday and they were there on Monday morning .”

Sam Johnson, Law Firm
Fairfax, VA

“We needed a way of administrating, managing and tracking the recycling of legacy IT equipment, one that provided complete assurance that our data-bearing devices and licensed software couldn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

Andrew Lakewood,
Federal Contractor

“Atlantic Shredding was great. They arrived early and moved all of our old equipment in a few hours on both floors. Very affordable and friendly. We highly recommend them ”

Jessica, Federal Contracting
Company Arlington, VA

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