Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning & Digital Storage Services

Even if your business is only a year old, chances are you have an avalanche of paperwork that needs to be digitized. And hiring an in-house team of personnel to handle all your scanning needs will always come with a hefty price.

But why do you need to hire anybody? Why spend so much money on hiring a dedicated team when you could use affordable document scanning services from Atlantic Shredding instead?

Our document scanning experts will give your records a fresh, friendly look and feel by creating digital copies of any kind of paper documents in our state-of-the-art scanning equipment. The process is easy and fast, making it the ideal solution for businesses that need to maintain professional-looking records without the hassle of filing them away every time they come across a new piece of paper.

With cloud computing as its backbone, document scanning gives companies the flexibility they need to create instant replicas of paper-based information in digital format without having to incur the costs associated with leasing physical space and employing employees

Why You Need Document Scanning Services

Are you dealing with a pile of old correspondence, patient files, mortgage files, and other important documents that need to be scanned and filed away? Atlantic Document Scanning can help you get that pile into a secure electronic format.

Our document scanning services help you to:

  • Improve personnel productivity
  • Reduce paper use
  • Improve your customer services
  • Give you fast 24/7 access to all scanned documents
  • Heighten information security
  • Reduce data breach
  • Minimize storage usage
  • Improve quality control and workflow improvements

What Happens in Our Document Scanning Process

  • Your documents are securely transferred to our company where they are prepared for scanning. This involves removing paper clips, sticky notes, and staples that might affect the scanning process.
  • The paper documents are then scanned using state-of-the-art scanning equipment where we tarn your hard copies to electronic files.
  • The quality control staff at Atlantic Shredding check each file to ensure all documents were scanned correctly.
  • Indexing software is then used to make your electronic files searchable by phrases, headings, or even specific keywords.
  • Your indexed files are then transferred to a media format of your choice.

Secure Document Destruction

Atlantic Shredding is a top-rated document scanning company that offers secure and affordable scanning services to companies in all industries, including but not limited to independent contractors, small businesses, corporations, and government agencies.

We offer fast, confidential scans of documents, and we offer scanning services at discounted prices for small businesses, big businesses, and independent contractors. With us, you can secure all your important business records — including company contracts, vendor invoices, tax records, contracts with subcontractors, single-page business forms, and much more.

Contact Atlantic Shredding today for secure document scanning and storage at affordable prices.

Your One-Stop Scanning Solutions

If you are looking for reliable scanning services, then you are in the right place. Atlantic Shredding has been specializing in document scanning and management for businesses in the tri-state area since 2005. Our team of experienced professionals has decades of experience scanning document documents for a variety of industries including government, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and more.

Our clients are small businesses, firms, and trusts whose priority is meeting deadlines and conducting business as per the letter of the law.

With our high-end technology and solution-based focus, we can provide a fast, cost-effective solution to help you save time and increase productivity while being compliant with all regulations.