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Are you tired of storing irrelevant sensitive and confidential data? Declutter your commercial and residential space the smart way with Atlantic Shredding. We provide efficient, secure, and reliable paper shredding services in Washington, DC. We do not want clutter to get in the way of your business operation or productivity at home. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology quality equipment and have a team of experts in-house ready to destroy unneeded data on your behalf. Our work is thorough and effective – an excellent way to eliminate data without the risk of breaches. Instead of watching your documentation pile grow, get in touch with us from anywhere in Washington, DC, to declutter your space. Data volume is a non-issue to us. We can destroy any amount of documentation on your behalf. Paper shredding is our expertise, and we are ready to tackle your load. Our Services We offer several paper shredding options for you. Next-Day Pickups Our services are swift because we plan and schedule shredding procedures. At Atlantic Shredding, we involve our clients in the planning process to maintain a smooth transition in operations. Clients must notify us before 2 pm the previous day for documents needing next-day pickups. One-Time Shredding Are you moving houses, downsizing, or increasing your office or residential space and need to declutter? You can safely clear out the accumulated data with us. We safeguard your outdated information from prying eyes and unauthorized personnel. We reduce everything to smithereens, making it impossible for anyone or technology to extract data from the destroyed waste. With our one-time purge intervention, you can
  • Reduce your relocation weight
  • Create space in your home or office
  • Eliminate the need for renting storage space
Ongoing Shredding Services We also have a package for Washington, DC clients requiring continuous paper shredding services.
  • Ongoing shredding services occur in a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.
  • Clients get bins with latches to safely store data scheduled for destruction.
Pre-storage enhances organization. Additionally, it fastens pickups and transportation processes. It also enhances security before and during pickups and transportation. When handling a lot of data, the probability of hitches and errors is high. Residential Shredding Services Contrary to popular belief, identity theft is not limited to corporates. It also occurs in residential homes. Identity thieves usually target documentation for data. They extract this information from bills, addresses, delivery documentation, and so forth. Proper disposal of unwanted confidential information at home is significant. We destroy data without leaving a trace of valuable information. For homes in Washington DC
  • We make official visits to analyze your paper pile rate and volume.
  • We make schedules for pickups or in-house shredding based on our observations.
  • We provide recommendations on data storage safety.
Hard Drive Destruction Hard drives are essential storage gadgets with a high-risk value. For businesses, hard drives contain confidential information regarding business operations, payments, bank accounts, names, phone numbers, signatures, tax and insurance details, social security numbers, consumer data, and other identifying information. Hard drives are also portable, making them easy to steal. A disastrous outcome looms if this information lands in the wrong hands. It is always safe to destroy storage equipment with outdated information. Keeping such devices increases the risk of data breaches. We have the technology and equipment to destroy hard drives and reduce the chances of data leaks. We are discrete in our dealings and operate under a code of ethics to ensure your information remains private. Our Top-Notch Security Measures Security is our number one priority. It’s our responsibility to our clients to safeguard their confidential information.
  • We track all our paper shredding operations through a thorough chain-of-custody process.
  • Our equipment meets the standards of all Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Our security measures prohibit unauthorized personnel from accessing our client’s information from documentation scheduled for shredding.
Committed to Conserve the Environment in Washington, DC. Through sustainable practices, we ensure Washington, DC remains clutter-free. We recycle paper waste from shredding to preserve our forestlands. Recycling also reduces waste on our state garbage collection sites. We collect unwanted documents from residents and institutions in Washington, DC, for shredding. We also have a paper waste management program where we partner with corporations and organizations to host paper shredding events. Our environment-friendly endeavors help in keeping Washington DC clean. At Atlantic Shredding, we understand the value of eliminating paper waste to society and the environment. Therefore, we commit our efforts toward sustainable practice. We also value our client’s security. We center our work on safeguarding the privacy of our clients. Are you in need of paper shredding services? We know the community around us, and the environment reflects our priorities. With this understanding, our work is for the good of our stakeholders. Want to be a part of our sustainable practice while reducing your paper waste? Kindly don’t hesitate to contact us on 703 988 705.

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Paper Shredding Services in

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“Local company with great service. We used them to shred our papers and recycle our equipment. I called them on Friday and they were there on Monday morning .”

Sam Johnson, Law Firm
Fairfax, VA

“We needed a way of administrating, managing and tracking the recycling of legacy IT equipment, one that provided complete assurance that our data-bearing devices and licensed software couldn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

Andrew Lakewood,
Federal Contractor

“Atlantic Shredding was great. They arrived early and moved all of our old equipment in a few hours on both floors. Very affordable and friendly. We highly recommend them ”

Jessica, Federal Contracting
Company Arlington, VA

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