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Want a safe, reliable, and inexpensive document destruction shredding in Fairfax County, VA? Atlantic Shredding provides Fairfax county document shredding services for commercial and residential customers in the county. We know the burden of dealing with unwanted documentation that is sensitive and confidential.

Eliminate the need to transport delicate information over long distances to destroy them by contacting us. Our commitment to smoothen operations in Fairfax country is because we belong in this community. Our proximity to businesses and the residents in Fairfax county make us accountable and devoted to providing quality paper shredding services.

At Atlantic Shredding, volume is not an issue. We can destroy a box full of data and a truckload of work. Our main objective is to ease the process of eradicating unwanted data piling in your office or gathering dust in your home.

Our Services

We provide a range of paper shredding services for residents and businesses.

Next-Day Pickups

We collaborate with our clients to ensure processes flow seamlessly. To collect your documents for shredding the following day, you need to schedule the pickup before 2 pm the previous day.

One-Time Shredding Services

We provide services for Fairfax residents and businesses needing to shred documents once. Hire us to eliminate unnecessary documents to

● Cut down relocating weight.
● Reduce storage costs.
● Increase space in your business or home.

Our one-time shredding service has no volume restriction. Work can be as small as four legal boxes or go beyond 5,000 boxes. We have no limits when it comes to destroying unneeded documents.

Ongoing Shredding Services

We provide our services weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – depending on our customers’ needs. Our clients can schedule shredding times after a defined period. We also cater to Fairfax County residents and businesses needing continuous shredding services.
Clients should store documents scheduled for shredding on secure bins. The bins or consoles have secure locks to enhance privacy till the scheduled shredding time. Pre-packaging also quickens the pickup and transportation processes.

Residential Shredding Services

Identity theft is rampant in America. Almost every year, millions of people fall victim to this type of robbery. Thieves access your personal information through a poor documentation disposal system.

Bills and other monthly documents accumulate on a regular. Simply tossing your bills or mail into the trash can exposes your private information to outsiders. Anyone can use that information to access your accounts, home, or other personal possessions.

We are experts at providing secure disposal of private documents. Since we are in Fairfax,

● We pay a visit to your home and assess the rate and volume of documentation accumulation.
● We then set up a suitable schedule for pickups or in-house shredding.
● We also give recommendations for appropriate confidentiality practices.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

Our destruction services go beyond document shredding – we also destroy hard drives. Your hard drive contains a lot more information than papers – corporate information, employee details, transactions, bank statements – to name a few. It is also small and easy to steal. In the wrong hands, such information can destroy a business or ruin a budding career.

The information value and volume and the device’s portability make hard drives a sought-after resource by thieves. It takes plenty of time to erase all the information in the hard drive. It may also be difficult to destroy the storage components.

We have the expertise and equipment to wipe clean content and demolish hardware. You can hire us to help you dispose of the contents of your hard drive without leaving a trace. We uphold utmost confidentiality when handling all our client’s property.

Ethical codes and regulations require us to prioritize your security and confidentiality. We go over and beyond to ensure your information is secure. Therefore you can trust us with your private and confidential data.

We Provide First-Rate Security

We value your privacy and ensure that data breaches are non-existent. Businesses and residents in Fairfax county can count on our paper shredding services because of our top-notch security measures.

  • We adhere to a strict chain-of-custody data exchange protocol to account for every shredding procedure.
  • We use equipment that complies with all Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology requirements.
  • Our security measures restrict unauthorized access to client data.

We guarantee the utmost discretion and data safety when you hand us your documents and hard drive. Our team of experts is trained not to pry or leak information. Therefore, you can trust us with your unwanted resources.

We Value Sustainability

Our commitment to Fairfax goes beyond destroying unwanted data. We know the significance of conserving the environment. Therefore, the waste accrued from shredding is 100% recycled.

Additionally, we collaborate with Fairfax County Public Works, companies, and organizations to host community shredding events. Our track stations at strategic locations in Fairfax County for residents and businesses to hand in unwanted documents for shredding.

At Atlantic Shredding, our objective is to enable businesses and residents of Fairfax Country to flourish and accomplish this by helping our clients get rid of unwanted data. We understand that it is not always safe to keep sensitive data. It increases the risk of theft and breaches. It also takes up unnecessary virtual and physical space.

We provide a safe and effective way of destroying private and sensitive information. Thus, Fairfax County can focus on growth and development. If you need paper shredding services, contact us on 703 988 7052.

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Paper Shredding Services in

Fairfax County, VA

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Testimonies from our clients

“Local company with great service. We used them to shred our papers and recycle our equipment. I called them on Friday and they were there on Monday morning .”

Sam Johnson, Law Firm
Fairfax, VA

“We needed a way of administrating, managing and tracking the recycling of legacy IT equipment, one that provided complete assurance that our data-bearing devices and licensed software couldn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

Andrew Lakewood,
Federal Contractor

“Atlantic Shredding was great. They arrived early and moved all of our old equipment in a few hours on both floors. Very affordable and friendly. We highly recommend them ”

Jessica, Federal Contracting
Company Arlington, VA

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