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Community PAPER Shredding & E-waste Events

Atlantic Shredding offers fee based and free community paper shredding and e-recycling events for confidential papers and old electronics. Documents will be shredded on-site and recycled. Our events are open to residents in the Northern Virginia area.

Due to demand, please expect to wait in line for a short period of time.

Please do not shred items that are not confidential like newspapers, magazines and non-identifiable items.

Shredding Event Instructions

  • Do not put paper documents in plastic bags: Use boxes or paper bags. Totes and reusable bags will be returned.
  • Staples, paper clips, and rubber bands do not have to be removed. However, please remove 3-ring binders, large binder clips, plastics, or metals.
  • Do not tape boxes shut as it slows down the process.
  • Do not mix confidential paper with items that do not require shredding such as newspapers or magazines.