Office Junk Removal and Decommission Services

Moving out of your office?

We can assist with every aspect of business junk removal and decommission from the office furniture and computer equipment, to the equipment in your manufacturing or distribution facility.

Office Junk Removal and decommission services are an important part of any office move or remodel. These services can help you get rid of old furniture, equipment, and other items that are no longer needed or used. They can also help you decommission your old office space so that it is ready for the new owners or tenants.

Office Junk Removal and decommission services can save you time and money. They can also help reduce the amount of stress that is associated with an office move or remodel. If you are considering these services, be sure to ask about the cost and the timeline for the project.

  • Top-Rated Service – Atlantic Shredding promises on-time, project management and reliable services that provide exceptional value for your bottom line
  • Insured – Atlantic Shredding is fully insured, so you and our staff are protected when we performing our Facility Decommissioning and Shutdown Services
  • Cleared – All employees are regularly screened and background checked and can enter secure Federal locations up to DOD agencies including SCIFs

Services Provided

  • Removal of Office Furniture and Unused Supplies – Employees working from home and you no longer need bulky furniture? Atlantic Shredding will dismantle and remove all furniture
  • Secure Shredding of Papers and Records – From a few bankers’ boxes to rooms full of archived files, Atlantic Shredding can shred all papers on-site
  • Destroy computers and hard drives containing sensitive information
  • Dismantle legacy Datacenter and Server Rooms – Like most companies, you have moved your company to the cloud. We can dismantle your old IT equipment and provide e-recycle disposal
  • Project Management to help you plan and make sure your removal project is completed on-time
  • Certificate of Destruction – A Certificate of Destruction is provided with all our information destruction and shredding services
  • Off-site Storage – Atlantic Shredding saves you time and money by providing you with liquidation and storage solutions
  • Redeployment of Assets – Our team of facility logistics can remove your IT assets from one location and redeploy it to another location ready to work
  • Appraisal of Equipment – Before the decommission of your facility, our inhouse appraiser can assist you with liquidating assets and recouping your investments