Off-site Paper Shredding Services

Have large amounts of documents to shred? Maybe years of documents you no longer need. Atlantic Shredding will pick collect your documents, Offsite Document Shredding them in our secure facility and send you a certificate of destruction.

Our Off-site Shredding Services is designed to handle large volume shredding projects from your home, business or storage securely, and affordably. If you have over 200 lbs. of documents to shred offsite document shredding is the best and most affordable choice for you. Whether you need a onetime purge of documents or an ongoing, scheduled weekly service, Atlantic Shredding will sure your information is protected.
Off-site document shredding services are secure, convenient, and an economical solution to shredding large quantities.

We have Off-site Shredding services that work for any offsite shredding project your planning. Here are our most common:

  • One time Purges
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly service
  • Drop Off Service
  • Hybrid (Purge and Schedule)