Drop-Off & Walk-In Paper Shredding Services in Manassas, VA

Drop-Off & Walk-In Paper Shredding While You Wait

Shredding of Your Documents You Can Watch

If you’d like to bring your documents to our specialists instead of one of our mobile units coming to your location, Atlantic Shredding offers drop-off shredding services at our Manassas, VA location. For our walk-in service, you can enjoy document shredding while you wait, for both businesses and individuals in the area.

The Cost of Walk-In Document Destruction

For just $.99 per pound, you can pop into our Manassas, VA Shredding Location to have your PII and private papers shredded right in front of your eyes. Our minimum charge is $40.00, plus taxes.

Our Drop Off/Walk-in Shredding Center:

Atlantic Shredding
7105 Gary Road
Manassas, VA 20109

Our Document Destruction Center offers a comfortable private shredding area for you to come to and have your documents securely shredded while you wait.

How Our Drop-Off & Walk-in Paper Shredding Works

You will be asked to sign our visitor log at Atlantic Shredding’s paper destruction warehouse when you come to our facility. Our staff will take your documents from your car and add them to our scale. Then you will be asked to consent to the destruction of your documents. You will also be able to see the shredded results.

A Certificate of Destruction is available to document the shredding of your files upon your request.

Certified Drop-Off Paper Shredding

Atlantic Shredding is a certified drop off shredding and privacy compliant shredding service. Therefore, we make absolutely sure to meet and exceed industry standards with regard to document destruction and offer adherence to federal and state privacy regulations.

If you have additional questions or need help with scheduling your drop-off shredding service, do not hesitate to call our office.
We are happy to answer any questions you have or assist you with scheduling your drop-off shredding service.