E-Waste Recycling Services

At Atlantic Shredding, our main focus when working with our customers to recycle their e-waste is always data and physical security. All your IT devices receive our data wiping service, including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and computers.

At Atlantic Shredding, we have over 20 years in IT and compliance, focusing on the best way to handle items while considering environmental exposure. We work with our network of recyclers to ensure items such as mercury bulbs and CRT monitors get disposed of properly.

Thanks to the information technology explosion, many businesses have adopted electronic devices to streamline and automate their business processes. However, it is vital to have these products recycled in an environmentally responsible method after they have outlived their useful life.

At Atlantic Shredding, we work with leading regional and national companies to provide compliant IT dispositions and e-recycling end-of-life electronics. We have a network of certified e-waste recycling centers with no export mandates to reinforce our closed-loop approach to responsible recycling of e-waste. We provide transparent services in tracking and recycling of hazardous waste materials.

How to get rid of E-waste

E-waste is any obsolete or unused electronic equipment or device that has been discarded. It can range from household electronics such as computers, printers, video game consoles and industrial equipment such as generators and air conditioners. E-waste is one of the primary issues that our society faces. It is a problem that cannot go away on its own, and that is what Atlantic Shredding is here for. We deal with E-waste by applying the mantra of “Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle.” It always works and keeps our customers satisfied with our services.

Our services

At Atlantic Shredding, we have the expertise and infrastructure necessary to guarantee the following services:

  • Your IT assets and e-waste are processed in an environmentally responsible manner
  • We protect your reputation
  • We eliminate your compliance risks
  • When recycling equipment with digital data, we destroy your data

Besides our innovative recycling technology, we provide additional services to support our corporate clients.
The most common shipments we receive from businesses include electronics that can be reused and broken or old electronic equipment. We make it our job to quickly assess whether we should invest time to repair the equipment or send it straight for recycling. We provide a range of complementary services that help meet various requirements for compliant IT disposal and recycling from our clients.

Atlantic Shredding employee scanning a hard drive

What we offer

At Atlantic Shredding, we provide the following:

  • Completely certified and responsible e-recycling process
  • Reliable service supported by a proven track record in the e-recycling industry
  • Certifications and guarantees that products are physically destroyed
  • Compliance with all legal regulations for e-waste and IT disposition
  • Inventory tracking and reporting

Cybersecurity risk

The last thing you need is to put your business at risk of cybersecurity hacks and theft. Unfortunately, if you have hardware over ten years old, you are doing exactly that. At Atlantic Shredding, we help keep your legacy systems up to date by replacing them when necessary and destroying your decommissioned machines.

At Atlantic Shredding, we work to protect you by providing you with paper shredding, destruction, and e-waste recycling services. We have a strong background in cybersecurity, so we can work to keep your organization aligned with NIST, HIPAA, and DOD shredding, destruction, and e-Waste requirements.

Short List of Items We Pick Up

  • End-of-life electronic equipment
  • Obsolete IT assets
  • Network equipment (routers, switches, cables, HVAC)
  • Data center rack equipment
  • Tablets, mobile phones
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • CRT and LCD monitors
  • Printers, copiers
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices