IT Asset Disposition Services

With a consultative approach, Atlantic Shredding helps organizations identify risks and implement IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) programs to address and prevent needless threats. By providing certified, secure and well-documented hard drive destruction, asset recovery and electronics recycling for end-of-life and end-of-use electronic equipment, we protect organizations against needless ITAD risks and provide them with peace of mind.

Most data security programs are focused on keeping people out of your network, the need for proper handling of retired physical assets is often overlooked:

We provide a clearly defined and documented data destruction solution for all hard drives and solid state drives in accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-88 (Revision 1) standards to safeguard customers against data breaches. Detailed reporting and strict data security protocols ensure all devices are handled securely and in compliance with today’s dynamic, ever-changing regulation environment.

Don’t be the next organization to have the data found on your retired servers held hostage (2014 Data Breach Story). Choose a certified vendor who can take the liability and headache out of asset disposition with secure, certified and well-documented Data Security Services.