7 Benefits of Getting Rid Of All Your Old Records

As an office manager or business owner, it is easy to just file away documents, invoices, etc as they come. However, at some point, your file cabinets may look like the central furniture of your office if you are not careful. If you find yourself in the position of purchasing file cabinets fairly often to keep up with a mounting pile of files and/or records then it may be time to consider a one-time shredding. Purge shredding is a great way to clean up your office, protect your office, and give you back some space. Here are just a few of the many more benefits of purge shredding.

Purge Shredding Speeds Up Document Cleansing

Depending on how long it has been since the last time you actively pursued shredding, you may have hundreds or even thousands of documents that need shredded. This process could take days if you attempted to handle it on your own, but purge shedding is a onetime event that a professional company can usually complete in a minimal amount of time.

Onetime Shredding Keeps You Compliant

Depending on the nature of your business, there may be data laws that you have to remain compliant with. Some of these laws include FACTA, GLBA, HIPAA, and SOX. The more paper documents you have on hand the more liability you carry within your business. Onetime shredding by a professional purging company will include a Certificate of Destruction to ensure you remain compliant with both federal and state regulations.

Prevent Identity Theft Concerns

Identity theft is a huge problem these days, and professional thieves harvest information from every location. Believe it or not, they can access information from an old record or file that has been tossed in the trash or a recycling bin. The best way to prevent your employees, customers, and your business from identity theft concerns is by purge shredding all sensitive documents.

Free Up Office/Storage Space

One of the immediate benefits of purge shedding is the immediate regained office space and/or storage space. Paper files can quickly overtake an office or a business storage room. A onetime shredding service can help you remove clutter, reutilize space, and feel comfortable within your business again.

Protect Your Company from Data Misuse

If your business is within a highly competitive industry or deals with sensitive information, document shredding is a good idea to protect you from competitors who may misuse sensitive data. Keep your business intelligence within your company, and hire a discreet and professional onetime shredding business to handle your document disposal.

Increase Productivity

Clutter and tight spaces can make it hard for anyone to focus, which is why most people report after purge shredding they feel instantly better. Employees that are more comfortable at work can perform better, which is a great perk of purge shredding.

Access Tax Records More Efficiently

Finally, if your business regularly files an accurate tax return, the IRS suggests you only need to keep tax records for three years in most cases. Those who file a loss from worthless securities or do not report full income should keep their taxes for six to seven years. With this in mind, you may have dozens of tax records that are no longer necessary, making it harder to properly sort and access new information. If you want to streamline your tax records, a one-time shredding of all reports five years and older (in most cases) is a great way to do so.

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