Document Scanning: Turn Your Paper Clutter into Digital Assets

Atlantic Shredding is a leading provider of document-shredding, secure document-storage and document scanning services. We handle confidential records on a local, national and international basis for a variety of clients both public and private.

Document Shredding

Off-site Document Storage Services

While document scanning and digitizing files is a common practice, not everyone realizes the advantages of this technology. In fact, many people might be surprised to learn that document scanning can help improve their organization since it can avoid the need to print and reprint old documents, thereby saving on printing expenses.

In addition, with the advent of digitization, not only does document scanning allow for more freedom in storing files and documents, but also makes it easier to access information while saving on precious office space.

This is a great advantage but also a convenience for present and future users of these files. As a result, workplace productivity is improved while saving on printing costs, time, space, and effort. On top of that, scanning documents makes it easier for different teams to collaborate on documents for creating successful outcomes.

Document Scanning Services You Can Trust

We have scanned over 2 million documents for customers in the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland area and during that time; we have developed a reputation as a trusted document scanning service provider. We provide our customers with document scanning services including but not limited to:

  • Preserve documents that may be deteriorating from mold or elements
  • Provide redaction services to our legal customers
  • Reduce regulatory risk through awareness of retention schedules
  • Meet Federal regulatory obligations with indexing, classification, digital retrieval

Invest in Document Scanning Company That Meets Your Needs

We provide premium document scanning and storage services at affordable prices. We also offer our customers a wide range of document processing and storage options, including:

Document Restoration: Our restoration services extend beyond just cleaning up old documents. We can restore information from damaged or faded documents so you can get the most out of your information.

Scanning: Scans are used to help maintain the quality of your documents. A scan preserves the integrity of an original document by capturing its entire layout on a hard drive for future use.

Conversion: Conversion includes converting paper to digital image files for safekeeping on the computer, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and CD / DVD media.

Storage: The storage part of our service involves storing these scanned images on our servers so that they can be accessed from any location via a secure HIPAA, DOD, and NIST security standard connection. This helps secure the original data from being lost or damaged in case of fire disasters or other life events that affect us naturally.

How We Create Editable Documents

There are certain times during document scanning when it would be helpful to be able to edit files. For example, you might have a scanned file where the formatting of the text is just wrong or blurry. Most of us have had this experience before, whether it’s an old mortgage document that wasn’t formatted correctly, or just a scanned document with some sort of formatting that makes it hard to read or edit.

That’s where optical character recognition (OCR) comes in to make old documents editable again.

Our OCR software works by reading scanned images and converting them into editable files that can be opened in Microsoft Word or other popular word processors, using the text in the original document as a starting point for creating new text in your word processor of choice.

We Scan and Store Your Documents. Shredding Them Is up to You.

Scanning your documents with Atlantic Shredding & Destruction Service frees up valuable space and helps you move closer to a paperless office–so you can focus more time on what matters most.

We will work with you to determine which scanning technology is right for your business and within 48 hours of scanning, we also provide complete, secure, and compliant document destruction for your business, at an added cost, of course.

Atlantic Shredding is a full-service document scanning and shredding company that provides confidential scanning and shredding services to individuals, companies, and small businesses.

Whether you need documents shredded or sensitive data destroyed, Atlantic Shredding will get the job done.

Contact us at 703-988-7052 for all your document-related needs.

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